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September 27, 2021

Additional video and photo of the rooftop restaurant supported by Sooke Rotary

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September 3, 2021

San Coffee & Restro is becoming a popular venue for young people to visit. Photos below show local acceptance of the coffee shop.

The following video is done by a local video blogger highlighting how it is gaining popularity. 

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Rooftop View from the newly completed (April 24, 2021) San Coffee & Restro in Khandbari, Sankhuwasabha, Nepal

Photos from April 15, 2021 - Coffee Shop service is just getting underway as work continues.

The following photos show the initial stages of fixing up the space to turn it into the coffee shop. In addition to the indoor space, they are able to incorporate the rooftop space with good views of Mt. Makalu. This mountain is just east of Mt Everest on the Nepal/Chinese border. The rooftop space will have tables with umbrellas.

Coffee Shop Preparations

Coffee machines arrived. Signboard prepared. Ready to move to Khandbari, Sankhuwasabha for a week to deliver the Espresso machine and shop supplies. Waiting for the bus at the bus stop in Kathmandu - Parshu

Coffee Shop - Proposed name is "San Coffee Club & Cafe"

Coffee pulping machines purchased with help by Sooke Rotary Club in March 2020.

Coffee farms, crops and nursery. 

Coffee farmers - December 2020

Tea crops and farmers in Sankhuwasabha District north of Manevanjyang, December 15, 2020.

SODEC participant in helping get a tea project started 13 years ago North to Khandari. About 200 farmers are involved in the project.  These images show the area and the projects progress. 

Tea Farmer and crops