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Drone Deploy Home

Image Mapping Servers: Deliver high resolution images by flying a pre-programmed flight path.

To freeze a photo hoover the mouse over it.

Compare the photos in the Image Gallery below.

  • Photos show the same area from: a) Google Maps and, b) Drone Deploy high resolution image. 

Image Gallery

Drone Deploy - image is 107 photos from a drone and stitched together as a single high resolution image.

  • Try zooming in and look at the high resolution detail in the image.
  • Compare these details with the same area on Google Maps.

Whiffen Spit - Image is 179 photos stitched together to create a high resolution image.

  • Login into Drone Deploy's Whiffen Spit image to try interactive features.
  • Compare this image with the same area on Google Maps.
  • Download a PDF of a Volume Report of the highlighted area on Whiffen Spit.